Feria de las Comunidades Autónomas

The 2nd grade students investigated on the transdisciplinary topic “Where we are in time and space”, investigating on the central idea: “the place of development of the human being determines the way of life”.

Focusing on the related concepts of “culture” and “geography”, from the subjects of language and social studies, the students  put their research skills to work and collected information about different Autonomous Communities of Spain, investigating about their culture, famous people, provinces, gastronomy and many other interesting facts. The research culminated in a great FERIA DE LAS CCAA, where they were been able to prove to be great communicators and show all visitors the most curious facts learned about their Community.

Some students went further and wanted to connect their Community with two great countries: Ukraine and France, our great guests of this Fair.

It has been a great job and we are very proud of the great progress made by all the students. Congratulations!

2nd EPO teachers