PYP exhibition in 6th EPO (International Baccalaureate)

This year for the first time we held the IB Primary School Programme (PYP) exhibition.

The PYP exhibition is a team-based research project that gives the sixth grade students who complete the PYP stage the opportunity to apply and synthesise the knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding they have acquired throughout the programme.

These students started their project in January and during these three months they have had the opportunity to learn how to manage conflicts, to work with the same team during long working sessions, to search the internet for accurate information and to create quality content. For all of them it has been a hard process as they were not used to doing this kind of tasks but the orientation sessions we did every week helped them to learn a new skill that has allowed them to create some very interesting projects on complex topics for their age.

During these months they have been able to demonstrate what the IB calls agency, that ability to be autonomous that allows them to be active and creative in their work.

On the afternoon of June 10th, the 15 sixth grade teams presented the results of their investigations to their parents and organised stands where they could show the actions they had carried out. Both the families and the teachers were delighted with the wonderful work done by this class who finished the PYP with honours. Congratulations to all of them!