In secondary, we celebrate CONCIENC_IA

On Friday, 12th November we celebrated CONCIENC_IA again, Science Day at Internacional Aravaca.

For science teachers, we are proud to continue promoting scientific vocations in our students and therefore, we prepared a very special day. The 2nd and 4th ESO students were the real protagonists of this day. In addition to the trip to the MSI (Motor & Sport Institute) facilities, and the visit of scientists from the 3M Innovation Centre, throughout Friday, the 2nd ESO and 4th ESO students were in charge of creating and setting up two large scientific gymkhanas for their classmates in 1st and 3rd ESO.

The students were divided into four disciplines according to their abilities and preferences (mathematics, biology, technology and physics and chemistry), and throughout the morning they designed and created the tests in which their classmates from 1stESO and 3rd ESO participated and competed in the afternoon.

It was a day full of learning and fellowship, in which all our ESO students learned something new and enjoyed the day.

Carmen P.