In 1ºEPO we learn how to act in the event of an emergency

On November 15th the youngest children of Primary School received a visit from SAMUR-Protección Civil. It is important that children from an early age know the concept of emergency and know how to interpret a situation where they need help and thus be able to dial 112.

During the workshop the students learned how to act in an emergency:

  • PROTECT: Move away from danger because we are not superheroes, if there is fire or smoke we will move away. Keep calm “if someone is lying on the floor and does not answer”, “if you notice that he/she is not breathing well”, “if he/she does not speak to you” you should alert an adult.
  • ALERT: They have learned to call 112, give their full name, address and a brief explanation of what they are seeing.

They have been left wanting to learn more… in 3rd EPO they will visit them again to continue learning how to save lives.