In 1st EPO we created an Interactive Museum of Dinosaurs

The 1st grade students investigated on the transdisciplinary topic “How we share the planet”, investigating on the central idea: “living beings have different opportunities to survive”. They have been able to investigate the characteristics of living beings, the different natural environments and the variety in the landscape, having dinosaurs as a motivating element.

After a great deal of research work, they created an INTERACTIVE MUSEUM OF DINOSAURS, in which they demonstrated that they had developed research and thinking skills. They  invited their classmates from other classes to show their learning, and they wanted to evaluate them with questions like: do you know what the stegosaurus uses its spikes for? or do you know in which landscape the velociraptor lives?…

It has been an excellent work in which we  observed a great curiosity and motivation for learning on the part of all the students. Congratulations, kids!

 1EPO Teachers