Intermunicipal Debate for 1ºBACH: Should the age of majority be lowered to 16 in Spain?

Our 1st Baccalaureate debating team has competed in the 11th edition of the Inter-municipal Debating Tournament organised by the Francisco de Vitoria University. This year the question debated was: Should the age of majority be reduced to 16 in Spain?

Our students had to defend the position in favour (supporting the lowering of the age by saying that young people who commit serious criminal acts should be judged severely and consistently) and the position against (defending a cognitive argument that made it clear that their capacity for reasoning, maturity and decision-making is not fully developed).

By searching for scientific evidence in the legal and cognitive fields, our students constructed two positions with a clear and organised line of argument. Although they won two of the three debates they conducted (which would have qualified them for the round of 16), they were unable to compete in the round of 16 due to a serious time management fault. Even so, they enjoyed the experience and should be very proud of themselves for the work they did. Congratulations to all of them!

Natacha A.