Meet our IA author: Luna Z.

We have celebrated World Book Day by interviewing our author of the year, Luna Z. Luna has written two wonderful books about China (2023) and Senegal (2024). In addition to loving reading since she was young, Luna confesses that before arriving in Spain at the age of 8, a teacher revealed to her the world of painting and the possibility of capturing in a drawing everything she had in her imagination. That is the reason why her illustrations are as beautiful as her words.

Luna manages to capture in her creations, which are true masterpieces, the affection and cultural sensitivity that she exudes. By answering the questions of high school students, she establishes that difficult-to-find connection between the author and the reader. She talks about her culture, everything it has brought her, and makes us enthusiastic about so many things in common. 

Her favorite book is “The Little Prince,” because every time she rereads it, she discovers an image and a message that had escaped her on other occasions. 

When we read, the souls of authors and readers walk hand in hand like friends who share everything, and never ask for anything. Congratulations Luna!

Miss Paz