Public Speaking Competition 2024

Once again this year we are celebrating our magnificent Public Speaking Competition with our Primary 6th students where students develop a crucial skill: communication. In a world where the ability to communicate is increasingly important, this competition is not only an opportunity for these students to showcase their talent, but also for all of us to reflect on the importance of expressing ourselves clearly and listening carefully.

Over the past few weeks, our 6th graders finalists had been working on polishing their speeches and honing their presentation skills. They shown dedication, creativity and courage in facing the challenge of expressing themselves in front of an audience.

We are very proud and grateful to all the 6th graders students for their enthusiasm and perseverance, we know it has been a complicated process, in which you have all worked very hard, and as we always say, congratulations, because everything that involves great effort generates great learning.

We would also like to thank the jury made up of parents from the school, Tania S., Jose B., Clara M., and their assistants from 1st ESO: Gonzalo V., Jaime H., Jaime H. and the students from 1st of ESO: Gonzalo V. , Jaime H. , Adriana F-M. , Andrés F.

And, of course, to their teachers who have been the guides that have given light to these great speakers. Miss Carol and Beatriz A.

Valme G.