Celebramos las culturas con World Culture Exhibtion

We celebrated our international fair, World Culture Exhibition.

As part of the English subject, students in 1 ESO and 2 ESO have been working on the project ´World Culture Exhibition´ where they displayed their amazing discoveries of different parts of the world. 

  • Where I come from, in 1 ESO, is a book making project where our students  turn into communicators and inquirers by connecting with their roots through investigating and researching about a  country or region of their choice. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to deepen their connection with their family ancestors while they improve their writing, reading and organisation skills. 
  • A Reporter In, in 2 ESO, is a project where students travel through their own writing. They become inquirers and open-minded, they explore different countries by creating their own book, including history and culture, amongst many other important aspects such as religion and cuisine. Throughout this project, they did not only work on their research and writing skills, but they also created a unique experience that could be definitely enjoyed in real life. 

The winners of this year are:

1º ESO A

Best Books: Gonzalo V. (Ávila) & Valeria M. (Venezuela)

Best Stand: Andrés F. (Córdoba) & María F. (Madrid)

Best Presentation: Danielle L. (Israel) & Nicolás H. (Cataluña)


1º ESO B

Best Book: Cristina O. (Valencia) & Daniela A. (Asturias)

Best Stand: Lili C. (Francia) & Yago B. (Germany)

Best Presentation: Mateo R. (León) & Mario C. (Albacete)


2º ESO A

Best Book: Gala T. (Thailand) & Álvaro G. (Laos)

Best Stand: Beda J. (Morocco) & Gonzalo Y. (Egypt)

Best Presentation: Albert R. (Tanzania) & Giada V. (Liberia)


2º ESO B

Best Book: Luna Z. (Senegal) & Sebastiao A. (Saudi Arabia)

Best Stand: Melaniya O. (Cambodia) & Hugo B. (Oman)

Best Presentation: Leonor G. (Sudan) & Martina O. (Somalia)


Ana R.