We take on energy

Starting today, February 1st, we are taking on the journey of energy consumption and regulation. The first step is examining our school state and filling out the audit in which we record current aspects of our energy use, conditions, and implementation. Studies have shown that schools are, as a matter of fact, some of the largest energy consumers in many municipalities. However, it is reported that 30% of this energy is unproductively used. For these reasons, it is our duty to reduce our school’s power consumption by verifying our heating and cooling systems are appropriately used, as well as regulating illumination and implementing ways to take advantage of natural light.

Simultaneously, other student groups are considering different options of recycling centers that we will buy with the money we were granted and place them in our campus. Some of us are dedicated to reporting our project through social media and blog posts, while, at the same time, a tree poster is being created by two imaginative members of our committee. During our last meeting this past Tuesday, we were delighted to have been visited by a 5EPO student, who interviewed us on the program in order to fulfill a newspaper project she is pursuing.

As usual, eco-school students keep at it and are consistently carrying out tasks whilst enjoying teamwork.