A very special guest

Although 2020 has been a very different year and therefore its Christmas too, we did not want our youngest students to miss out on one of the most special visits of the year.

And because magic does not know or understand about pandemics, Santa Claus has managed to fit us into his busy schedule before Christmas and has visited us at our school to see many of the students again and others, to meet them for the first time.

He has been received by all with great surprise, emotion and above all, with great enthusiasm. They have been talking to him and have confirmed that they have all been great this year and as they have been so good, they deserve a present or two for Christmas.

Santa Claus confessed that he knew that everyone had behaved phenomenally and that he would take this into account when handing out Christmas presents. What nerves!

Santa Claus, we are waiting for you again next year with open arms. Thank you very much for stopping by the school just a few hours before Christmas. How lucky we are!