2nd EPO studies the Solar System and goes to the Planetarium

This month, our Year 2 students have been studying their second unit of enquiry on Systems. They have been doing lots of activities related to the different systems that exist, but there is one line of enquiry that they have particularly enjoyed “The Structure of the Solar System“.

In class, they have been investigating the solar system and its planets, as well as finding out new facts about the universe. It was a very educational and surprising session and they all loved finding out a little more about what lies beyond Planet Earth.

In addition, in support of this line of enquiry, they had a very special outing. They went to the Madrid Planetarium, to enrich the knowledge they had gained in class. 

In the impressive projection room, they were able to watch a programme appropriate to their level presented by astronomy monitors. At the end, they did different activities such as question/answer games and they were able to see the sky during the day in the planetarium dome, among many other activities.