What does Peace mean to you?

Did you know that if you have a happy friend, you’re 15% more likely to be happy? And if your happy friend has a happy friend — who you don’t even know — you’re going to be an extra 10% happier?

In the Dalai Lama’s view, having peace in the world starts inside each of us. He said if we’re peaceful inside ourselves first, then it’s easier to be peaceful toward others. So, how do you do that when your brother or sister annoys you, or you’re have a bad day? He understands the potential for conflict is always there, but he said it’s about how we handle it. Talking situations through patiently and kindly is the answer.

He also said, you don’t have to like someone’s actions, but that doesn’t mean you should have bad feelings about them as a person. He said that’s an important distinction to make.

He added that adults have a lot to learn from children. Children, he said, generally forgive each other and get back to being friends quickly.

IA celebrated peace day together, and each course did something special. We talked and investigated on each person, Year 1 were working on Ghandi, Year 2 – Teresa of Calcuta, Year 3 – Martin Luther King, Year 4 – Juan Pablo II, Year 5 – Isaac Asimov, Year 6 – Albert Einstein and Year 7 – Nelson Mandela. We also read poems, quotes, wrote a letter to peace and sang beautiful songs! We had a real special day!

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