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School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Children have had a special celebration  in the playground today. They wrapped up the tree in the sandpit with beautiful ribbons, turning it into the «Make a wish tree»…each class wished for something good, and every colour was meant to be what they wanted to live on this day…peace, friendship, love, understanding, wellness… daily things […]

Peace War Peace

Hoy lunes 30 de enero los alumnos de primaria han participado de la actividad PEACE WAR PEACE. Gracias a esta actividad los alumnos han tenido la oportunidad de descubrir lo sencillo que es destruir y crear guerra y lo difícil que es volver a establecer la paz. Después de una mañana llena de emociones encontradas, […]

What does Peace mean to you?

Did you know that if you have a happy friend, you’re 15% more likely to be happy? And if your happy friend has a happy friend — who you don’t even know — you’re going to be an extra 10% happier? In the Dalai Lama’s view, having peace in the world starts inside each of […]