Halloween and Fun

  As every year, our children and teachers were willing to make a display of​ the most terrifying costumes, but also of more charming and​ tender ones​, since Halloween is a celebration in which heroes, princesses, vampires or witches​ are invited alike. And this year has proved to be unique since six Belgian witches from […]

Spelling Bee Competition 2017

Today we have held the first Spelling Bee Competition at Internacional Aravaca School and what a success it has been! Our primary children did wonderfully and had a blast. We were all both nervous and excited about it and we really can’t wait for next year to get it ready and steady again. Spelling Bee […]

House Competition Project

On the first days of September we had at Internacional Aravaca the presentation of the House Competition Project. Four houses are competing for a dream! WATER, FIRE, AIR and LAND. Every student belongs to a house, which has got two captains who are in charge of their house. The goal is to get as many […]


AURIGA PROGRAM     In our spirit of making progress in the improvement of our students learning process, we will initiate from the School Counseling’s department this next school year the «Auriga program«, implementing a new learning management platform called Habilmind.As a school, one of the pillars of our pedagogical work is to identify, generate […]

IA Together

IA TOGETHER [zt_divider type=»hr» text=»Go to top»][/zt_divider]   “Personas íntegras comprometidas con la sociedad”  Programa que facilita que nuestros alumnos puedan desarrollar sus ta- lentos, aceptando, reconociendo y expresando sus opiniones, sus mie- dos y sus anhelos en un ambiente seguro. Desde el Departamento de Orientación les ayudamos a conocerse mejor y a superarse. Les […]

Key Stages

Pre-School    It comprises four stages for children aged 2 to 5.Fully taught in English for children from 2 to 3 years old.Bilingual education (26 periods per week are taught in English) for 4 year old studentsand (22 periods in English) for 5 year old students.     Primary Education    It begins at the […]

IA Skills

IA SKILLS [zt_divider type=»hr» text=»Go to top»][/zt_divider] Guiados hacia los retos del S. XXI para alcanzar el éxito y ser felices. El trabajo de las habilidades que les abrirán sus puertas: [zt_accordions type=»accordion»] [zt_accordion title=»APRENDIZAJE COMPETENCIAL» active=»no»] + Trabajamos sobre situaciones reales en los que aplicar los cono- cimientos, habilidades y actitudes. + Conectamos los […]

Secundary Schedule

The schedule for Secondary will run from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday starting in September.   08.50 – 10.00 1st Period 10.00 – 11.00 2nd Period 11.00 – 11.50 3rd Period 11.50 – 12.20 RECESS 12.20 – 13.20 4th Period 13.20 – 14.10 5th Period 14.10 – 15.00 6th Period 15.00 – 16.00 […]

IA Methodology

IA Methodology [zt_divider type=»hr» text=»Go to top»][/zt_divider] «Responsables de su aprendizaje» Apostamos por las nuevas metodologías, donde el alumno adquiere todo el protagonismo y el profesor se convierte en un guía motivador. En este proceso de aprendizaje personalizado, cada alumno marca su ritmo y es él quien descubre, investiga, compara y resuelve. [zt_accordions type=»accordion»] [zt_accordion […]

Secondary Academic Board

Headmistress: Marta Martínez (m.martinez@ia.edu.es)   Secondary Coordinator: Tatiana Calvo (t.calvo@ia.edu.es)   English & Foreign Languages Department: Alice Pallarés (a.pallares@ia.edu.es)   External Relations: Mª del Valle Ramos (v.ramos@ia.edu.es)   Secretary’s Office: Mónica Díaz de Mera (secretaria@ia.edu.es) Susana Gaitán (s.gaitan@ia.edu.es)    School Administration: Marta García (m.garcia@ia.edu.es)     [zt_gallery dir=»galeria/fotossecundaria» width=»800″ height=»533″ thumb-width=»159″ thumb-height=»115″][/zt_gallery]