The Museum of Science

A field trip to the Museum of Science can complement and reinforce our school curriculum while also providing an ideal way to encourage students to have fun while learning. In this case as we are learning form the four elements in classroom we had a beautiful chance to find out more about some science and […]

Sharing Experiences

Last week, we were thinking about sharing and learning from each other. We thought that, because it was Halloween we could ask the older kids from the school (secondary) to prepare, with their ideas (and our help if needed, of course) some activities or workshops for our little 3 year olds. They were really excited […]

IA Tech

IA TECH [zt_divider type=»hr» text=»Go to top»][/zt_divider] Conscientes de la importancia de la capacidad de adaptación a las nuevas tecnologías. El trabajo de la competencia digital de los alumnos es uno de los gran- des pilares de nuestro centro. Una de las responsabilidades que tene- mos con nuestros alumnos, es formar ciudadanos que puedan inte- […]