Educational Objectives

The COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION of its students. The School promotes values that encourage respect for Human Rights, dialogue and the relations of coexistence needed for the construction of a democratic society.
Helping students to develop strategies for self-assessment, to become self-demanding individuals capable to value a well-performed work. We follow the Spanish curriculum In all educational stages, complemented with a strong load of English classes.
Widening the experience, knowledge, creativity and understanding of each child, allowing them to be aware of their potential and their capacity to enjoy the learning process.
Guiding students to grow a proactive and analytical thinking, the ability to question, discuss and develop own rational ideas. We also teach them to get involved in physical activities. We consider an essential part of the educational process all sporting, cultural, artistic and handicrafts activities that foster the interests and particular aspects of each one of the students personalities, while providing a solid base for the proper use of leisure time.




Joel A. Barker




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Internacional Aravaca aims to be a reference center in the development of a comprehensive education through an immersion in the English language, based on IT tools, knowledge and learning. complete English language context, also counting on IT tools. Training free and responsible people in compliance with the nowadays society.



internacional Aravaca, as a private, secular and co-educational center, undertakes to carry out this Vision by developing the following objectives:

• To encourage communication in English, teaching the necessary skills for the correct and effective use of this language.
• To encourage the School’s Community to cooperate with others, being sensitive to their needs and attending to diversity.
• To enhance the team-work spirit, helping students to develop different strategies, to be self-demanding when preparing for assessments and valuing personal effort in order to achieve academic excellence.
• To guide students to grow a proactive and analytical thinking, with ability to question, discuss and create own ideas rationally, expanding the need for experiencing, learning, creativity, and understanding.
• To provide students with the appropriate attitudes and skills needed to face the technological challenges of their time.
• To promote within the School’s Community sports practice as a healthy habit and encourage healthy competitiveness as an element for improvement. To prioritize the respect for the environment.
• To promote the values that foster dialogue and respect for the Human Rights.
• To teach students to become competent individuals and faithful to themselves, providing them with resources to develop emotional and social skills that allow them to choose the best path to follow.
• To asses the teaching methodology from all areas inside the School’s Community, recognizing faculty’s dedication and professionalism.
• To promote a smooth, friendly and coordinated relationship between the school and the families, getting them involved in the learning and educational process of their children.




Internacional Aravaca´s vision and mission start from integrating and promoting the following values:

• To respect other members of the community and their family setting, from solidarity and fellowship.
• Discipline, effort and self-improvement.
• Freedom based on responsibility.
• The human factor is our core value, enhancing the savoir faire and the savoir être in the various aspects of our daily life.




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The management of educational projects at a time such as the current one, requires to clearly understand certain aspects when it comes to leading them. It is the time of social crisis (economic, moral principles, technological…), in which, to highlight the qualities and benefits of any school, means having a very pragmatic view of what are the students and their families needs.

As a first consideration, and from a social point of view, aspects such as opening borders, pro-EU vision or multiculturalism make language empowerment to assume one of the keys that a current educational project must develop and which contributes to the development of social values.

Additionally, technology and its development, both from a purely technical point of view, as taking into account the change that has culturally occasioned in the way we communicate, in the learning process and in knowledge. Technology has been placed as head of social growth, and for the time being, education has been somewhat neglected in the project to incorporate technology into the teaching-learning processes, as a methodological and communicational tool. It is true that in recent years, efforts not to loose positioning in this field, have been obvious.

It is also important to make reference to the social dynamics in relation to current family structures, the moral values that lead us in the education of our children and the demands on the service that must be provided by the school.

Note as well the breakthroughs in neurological studies that help us to experiment more effective methodologies, being given the influence of emotions in learning, academic performance and behavior.

Has everything really changed that much? It has, indeed. So much that, our role as mere formers, academics, basic supports to an educating and socializing function of the family, has given way to a new role, in which the School Board cannot participate if it is not accompanied by two important variables: a clearly structured project and a group of teachers with an extremely contemporary vision of what being a teacher means in this new century.

We are aware that our Management Project, which hosts the latest educational, pedagogical and social aspects, must be governed by a major project that will shape the previous three, and this is what defines this Institutional Project. Thanks to it, we intend to engage every member of our educational community to see a rational way of growing, of giving a strategic direction to our implementation underway, in an educational moment in which being part of a project of this nature is a fascinating challenge to face as education professionals.

Colegio Internacional Aravaca (through its board members) puts forward this first project, as a way to start an utopian idea of educational scenario, the ideal place of growth for students, families, and also, teachers . What it is known as a school where Excellence comes first.

We are truly committed, now we only need to devote ourselves to turn it into a reality.