World Culture Exhibition

As part of the English subject, students in 1 ESO and 2 ESO have been working on the project ´World Culture Exhibition´ where they displayed their amazing discoveries of different parts of the world.

Where I come from, in 1 ESO, is a book making project where our students  turn into communicators and inquirers by connecting with their roots through investigating and researching about a country or region of their choice. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to deepen their connection with their family ancestors while they improve their writing, reading and organisation skills.

A travel blog, in 2 ESO, is a project where students travel through their own writing

They become inquirers and open-minded, they explore different countries by creating their own itinerary, including accommodation and transportation, amongst many other important aspects to be considered during a trip, with a limited time length. Throughout this project, they did not only work on their research and writing skills, but they also created a unique experience that could be definitely enjoyed in real life.

The winners of this year are:

Best stand

1 ESO A: Nuria Díaz

1 ESO B: Maria Oshige

2 ESO A: Miya Van, Irene Paz and Nerea López

2 ESO B: Gabriela Sordo and Andrea Roy

Best book or travel blog

1 ESO A: Abril Gómez

1 ESO B: Luna Zhu

2 ESO A: Maria Bannatyne, Alba Carrasco and Rosa Arnaiz

2 ESO B: Álvaro Vega and Ada Colás

Best interaction with visitors

1 ESO A: Martina Oltra

1 ESO B:  Pedro Llana

2 ESO A: Jaime Morillo and Jacobo López

2 ESO B: Jacobo Fariñas