Seguridad vial

It is important to teach Road safety to children as part of our curriculum. Road Safety Education programme is a decisive tool at school.
So today the local police came to school to provide our young children with appropriate road safety skills and practices where kids had fun at the same time they learnt the dangers we face if we do not respect the traffic rules.
The police came here and introduced us to the pedestrian line character who was a Muppet ; it explained to them how important it is to look right and left before we cross the street and to respect the traffic lights . Kids enjoyed the Muppets’ show and their funny songs and stories.
Our children learnt how to identify different means of transport and parts of the road and to be able to cross the road safely with a grown-up .
We showed them how to identify and cope with road dangers, make their seatbelt ‘click’ and behave sensibly in the car. The police talked about the people who could help them be safe on or near the road and the importance of following the instructions of the School Traffic Safety Teams.