Science Everywhere

Internacional Aravaca is a school full of scientists. This past week, science has been trending topic at the school. Science Week 2017 has brought lots of new experiments to our students and they have learnt so many things about science.

– 1st Grade did several projects like these two:


First graders had the opportunity to attend a workshop in which they tried different smells and discovered how the rest of the senses worked while linked to the smell one. It was a great science week opening.

We started with some tricky games with our tongue and the flavors. Students knew about how aritificial flavors can change so much from the original ones. Without looking, they had to guess different types of food and their flavor, not forgetting about the UMAMI one!

In 2nd Grade we want to highlight these two:


It was an exciting day, we had a special visit from a scientist s team and we identified different smells and created perfume books. Also we have learned facts about sense of smell and did a kahoot! It was a great first day of our project.

We started working on the scientific method and followed the steps to find out where our fine touch is located. We did a cool experiment so we could all really sense it and analyzed the results getting to a conclusion. Now we know that our finger tips are the most sensitive.

– 3rd Grade

Descriptions using smells.
Oratory about Graham Bell.
Booklets of healthy habits.
They learnt how to write in Braille.
And they did some research about animals and how they use their senses.

– 4th Grade

They focused on the sense of sight. How is the school life without being able to see. They created their own optical illusions and studied about Escher.

– 5th Grade

In year five, the students had the opportunity to build a farm for ants and watch how the ants dig down in the sand.
They also received university teachers who told the students how important is to follow the steps of the scientific method in any investigation.

– 6th Grade

In year six, students worked on the nervous system and how our body gets information from the environment through our senses. They had the chance to see how images get to our ocular nerve by using professional cameras and the “camera obscura” technique.





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