To start off their third term English Language Acquisition MYP planner, which will focus on Human Rights and the concept of empathy, our 3ºESO (MYP4)  students were honored to receive Mr. Anthony Verrecchio’s visit. Mr. Anthony is RFK Human Rights Organization Spain’s Executive Director and a key member of this important organization, whose main mission is  to promote and help fulfill Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy and dream of a more peaceful and just world. This organization takes on numerous initiatives that include education, awareness, and direct social action both locally, and internationally.

The visit of Mr. Anthony Verrecchio and his introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights had a tremendous positive impact on 3ºESO students. Through his presentation, Mr. Verrecchio was able to bring attention to the importance of human rights and the need to protect them.His visit has also helped to promote a deeper understanding of the value of human rights and the responsibility we all share in protecting them. Overall, Mr. Anthony Verrecchio’s visit has provided our students with valuable insights and perspectives on human rights, which will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on their lives.