On Friday 2 July we woke up at 7am as the start of the stage was getting closer and closer to the campsite. When we finally got going, we felt the painful stiffness caused by the accumulated fatigue after the 29km of the previous stage. This time the route started in Arzúa and would end up arriving at the campsite, but not before stopping at a restaurant to recharge our batteries and taste some delicious lentils and spaghetti, to finish the remaining 3km.

Along the way we enjoyed a landscape somewhat different from the previous ones. Unlike others, this route passed through leafy paths as if we were in a jungle. Those of the previous days were wider landscapes that stretched towards the horizon.

Once we arrived at the campsite and after a quick shower, we went to Manolo’s bar where we enjoyed the intense match in which Spain was playing. Miraculously we won. We went to celebrate in the restaurant and went to sleep motivated by Spain’s victory. Aware that the next day was going to be the last day, we were sad, but happy for everything we had experienced.

Jorge V. , Ángel G. , Yago and Hugo P.