Some people have different skin or hair colour. This does not make them different inside. All people have different body shapes and sizes. They may be larger or smaller than ours. Whatever the reason, accept them as they are. All bodies are beautiful!

Some people have round eyes, some have wider or flatter faces, this is because of the region of the world their family comes from. Everyone’s face is unique, and none are more beautiful than another. Some people are physically challenged in some way. Perhaps they have an illness or a physical, mental or emotional impairment. Help them if they need help!

Some people have mixed family backgrounds, which mean they are not just part of one group, but part of two or more. This may affect their skin colour or features. They could be “Chinese and Spaniard”, or “Italian, Mexican, and Romanian”! There are so many combinations! Accept all differences.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Some people may be good at Maths and not at Art. Be happy for everyone’s achievements and help them with their weaknesses.

Some people have a different religion. Because of this, they may have to wear clothes that are different or have different holidays. Don’t make them feel different. Always show respect.

Everyone has different economical backgrounds. Never make fun of what others have or don’t have, what they wear, or where they live. Share and you will be equal! These differences are what help make the world so interesting!

“Prejudice is the reason of fool people”. Voltaire Happy World Peace Day!