Our exchange student

We are pleased to welcome an exchange student from Vienna, Austria. She is spending a month with one of our families this year.

We hope that her experience at Internacional Aravaca will be great and we wanted to ask her a few questions to get to know her better and for her to tell us about her experience in a short interview:

1) Name, age and origin

Aurelia L., 16, Vienna

2) Why are you here?

To practice my Spanish, live new experiences, get to know the city and get to know another culture.

3) How long are you staying?

One month (two more weeks, until the 11th of February)

4) Are you enjoying the experience?

Yes, very much. I enjoy changing from my everyday life to a new one.

5) Are you learning Spanish?

Definitely. Especially the language of everyday life, the idioms, the youth language, the slang?

6) How has the family welcomed you and your classmates?

The family is very friendly and generous. The classmates are open, they help me if I need it, and the teachers are unusually nice.

7) What do you like the most and what do you like the least?

The location of Pozuelo is very good, I feel very safe and I enjoy the proximity to Madrid. My favourite thing is to go on day trips to experience different things in Madrid.

I least like the communication barriers because of the language, I often don’t understand what it’s all about. But everyone can speak English with me if I have questions.