Our 1BTO students take part in the UEM 2030 challenge

Every year, our 1st Baccalaureate students participate in the 2030 Challenge proposed by the European University of Madrid.

It is a very intense and at the same time rewarding and motivating day. A professor from the European University of Madrid comes to the school premises – as they do with other schools in Spain – and proposes a topic, which they have to find a solution to. During that school day, they work on the subject and propose what they think would be the solution to the problem posed.

Teamwork, good technical, economic and social data, and an excellent presentation of what they have worked on are essential. After several hours working on it, without being able to receive any help from the teaching staff or the university, they have to present it to a jury, who decides who the winner of the course is.

This year, the theme was “How to reduce poverty among women and young people in the workplace“. The winner of this year’s exhibition was another school from the ISP group, Colegio Fontenebro. Congratulations!

Our students also did an excellent job on the day and we are very happy with the project they came up with.