We are ready to face 2023 with the best attitude possible and a green spirit. Not only did we manage to create more posters to spread consciousness, but we were also granted €500 after successfully obtaining an eco scholarship. This money will be used for several new recycling centers in the playground.
To start off, we will create a code of conduct starting February, everybody at school will follow it in order to achieve our goal: improving the sustainability of our community.

On the other hand, in the first assembly, which took place at the end of December, we discovered that one of our weak points was the communication of the program. All together we looked for options and the best communication tools to make it more visible to the educational community. As a result, we have already outlined a communication plan that will start this January.

For us, February is the start of a new phase. We are entering our second year in the program and this means that we will focus on responsible, efficient and sustainable energy consumption.

Many new small actions that will lead to big changes!