Multilingualism by Ana, Head of Secondary Baccalaureate and Foreign Languages.

At our international school in Madrid, we have professionals like Ana, our head of baccalaureate, who values and gives importance to multilingualism, and that is why she tells us the following:

“Because of our family situation we may be bilingual, when our father and mother speak different languages with us as children; or even multilingual, if we also live in a country where a third language is spoken and a fourth at school. These children acquire the language of their parents, they do not learn it consciously.

However, the vast majority of us learn languages and the earlier we start, the better for us and for our brain capacity.

Yes, learning languages makes us smarter: the more languages we learn, the more plastic and flexible our brains become to learn other languages and other disciplines.

It has even been proven to help prevent brain diseases in adulthood.

It goes without saying that learning a language is not just learning the grammar, it is much more, it is also learning a foreign culture, different customs, a new mentality.”

“Language learning is the best gift we can give to our children and pupils, not only for their brains, but for their future!