The Model United Nations (ISP MUN) is a truly international and multicultural event in which our students from around the world come together to experience an educational simulation of what a real United Nations conference is like.

This activity invites the school community to come together in a real-life committee that represents the delegation from one country. The activity consists of debating with other countries to resolve international issues diplomatically in accordance with the ideals of the United Nations Charter. The delegates have to develop skills in diplomacy, international relations, research techniques, public speaking, debating and sharpening their critical thinking, teamwork and leadership qualities.

The delegates are assigned to committees and countries, and they are occasionally asked to represent specific political figures or organizations. They are presented with their tasks in advance, along with a topic or topics to discuss with their committee. The delegates carry our research before the conferences and adopt positions that they must later debate with other delegates in pre-assigned committees, remaining loyal to the real stance of the member country that they represent. At the end of MUN, the delegates who perform best in each committee and the delegations are usually acknowledged with trophies and/or awards.

The ISP MUN conferences usually last a little more than a week and are organized by a different ISP school each year. It is a valuable international and cultural experience that prepares our students for their future.

Beyond the debates, it is a unique learning opportunity in which our students can discover more about the diversity of the host country, meet people from other countries and cultures, and make long-lasting friendships around the world.

The first ISP MUN, titled ‘Together We Can Make a Difference’ was held at LAUDE The Lady Elizabeth School in Spain, in 2018.

The delegates debated and discussed issues such as the denuclearisation of North Korea and solving the political and financial crisis in Venezuela.

The second annual ISP MUN was titled “Solving Problems – Building the Future” and took place in St. Jude School in Costa Rica in April 2019. Around 90 students aged between 15 and 18 from 11 ISP schools in Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Spain took part in a memorable international event.

The delegates made every effort to make the world a better place and came together to put forward solutions to some of the more pressing problems facing the world. They discussed and debated topics such as the illicit use of private information and the limits of privacy, ensuring protection for children seeking asylum and the transition to sustainable energy while satisfying the growing demand for energy.

The students also learned about the traditions and culture of Costa Rica and had the opportunity to discover the amazing wildlife and impressive natural beauty of the country by visiting the Poás Volcano, the Gardens of La Paz waterfall and the city of Sarchí.