Incredible end of TEDx participation

Last November 22nd the school hosted the final of the election of the finalist student of the Secondary and High School of the TEDx talk. Our jury was represented by family members and teachers of the school who wanted to participate in this magnificent event.

“TED Talks is possibly the most famous non-profit organization for thousands of entrepreneurs and lovers of personal growth around the world. TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) are the great revelation of the 21st century and aim to promote “ideas worth spreading”. Our school is very fortunate to have an annual event for the schools of our ISP organization with talks for young people: TEDX YOUTH TALKS.

Analyzing the ideas, values, and methodology of the lectures given by our finalist students, we are proud to see them develop critical thinking and public speaking skills, expressing themselves in English and above all, sharing their ideas: Pablo I, Maria B and Iria U., have aimed to give the keys by which these talks could be an indispensable teaching tool for the dynamic and diverse educational model that the world needs.

Pablo I. spoke about “BELIEVING IN YOURSELF” how to gain self-confidence to achieve whatever you set your mind to in life. Maria B. gave us a clear example of “School vs Real Life”, worrying about how traditional education does not help in training for real life and Iria U., who will be our representative in Castellón in February along with the rest of the representatives of the ISP schools in Spain, presented a very current topic “Alleviating the stress of choosing a career in an erratic world”, betting on not living an unnecessary pressure when choosing a university career and how important it is to believe that you can be happy even changing careers.

The presentation in public and in English by the three of them was really amazing. They demonstrated their preparation, their incredible ability to express themselves, their empathy with the public and a great fluency in public speaking. From the school we give them our most sincere congratulations and we wish Iria U. that she enjoys this experience so relevant for her future.