Technical drawing at Universidad CEU

High school technical drawing students attended a measurement workshop held by the Polytechnic School of the San Pablo CEU University on the occasion of science week. During the workshop they learned to measure sound, light and thermal comfort in different spaces and to analyze the values obtained to determine whether the space should be improved.

The workshop has been given in the context of Science Week 2022. The Community of Madrid is organizing the 22nd Madrid Science and Innovation Week through the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d. Its objectives are to attract new audiences, in principle far from science, to involve new agents and institutions in the scientific process and to make science visible, taking it out of the places where it is done and bringing it to public spaces.

The workshop was organized at the Escuela Politécnica Superior de la Universidad San Pablo CEU. CEU San Pablo University is committed to an academic model aimed at excellence and the comprehensive training of our students. From the practical training and thanks to the best means and teachers, our graduates obtain the best preparation at national and international level and have, from the beginning, a direct contact with the working world.

High School DT teacher