The delivery of the University of Cambridge diplomas took place, last week: YLE (Starters, Movers), KET, PET and First Certificate.

The results have been very good for the school 90% of our students accepted the challenge and took the test. The pass rate was 100% in Starters and Movers, 98% of our students obtained precious 5 shields; the maximum score for speaking . 95% obtained between 4-5 shields regarding listenimg, reading and writing !! The older students faced harder exams and obtained 100% for KET, 70% for PET, and 60% for FCE which surely will improve next year.

Presided over the ceremony Marcos Garasa as the coordinator of the modern languages department and the teachers who prepared students; Cristina Fernández, Martin Scheihin and John Furlong, who congratulated the students for the results achieved and encouraged to continue to improve in the study, knowledge and use of the English language.

Their classmates also accompanied the students in this act and we saw those who had not taken the exams motivated and eager to join in the preparation of the tests this year.

Students were not only given the diploma by the University of Cambridge, but also a positive score in recognition of the work and effort made.