Final touch to our Summer Camp

We closed our last week of summer camp with thousands of amazing activities.

The Mini Camp children have been doing sensory activities and crafts such as kinetic sand or gel games. This week they have also been able to show how good cooks they are by making super ham and cheese pizzas.

Our Verdiart children have continued working in the green garden and have been able to harvest their first strawberries, spring onions and courgettes. During the rest of the summer, all the vegetables we have planted such as aubergines, corn etc. will come out. This week they have also made some bookmarks with the smell of lavender and have dyed some very cool t-shirts. Just like the little ones, they have had time to cook, making some delicious biscuit cakes.

The most sporty of the camp, Sport Camp, have continued to train hard in all sports disciplines and have also improved their ping pong technique. Another of the most fun activities they have done has been the soap slide in which they have managed to do several feats with their acrobatics on the foam boards.

All together we closed the camp with a super Olympic gymkhana to celebrate the start of the long awaited Tokyo games.

We all go back home very tired and happy after this super camp and of course we take our Olympic medal with us.