Bilingual Institute in Madrid

Internacional Aravaca is a bilingual institute of reference in Madrid. Our teaching center is based on an integral learning method, where we encourage the use of the language in a continuous way. Our objective is based on getting students of all ages to communicate in English naturally, in our international bilingual institute we encourage learning through daily activities, the result is a practical use of the language at a very early age, because the student develops at the same time the improvement of their mother tongue and the learning of a second language

What is a bilingual school?

A bilingual institute in Madrid is an educational center whose educational program is based on language learning. Internacional Aravaca proposes a different learning experience, with a plan that goes beyond the memorization of vocabulary and grammatical structures. We have created an environment focused on language learning, in which the student can develop his or her communicative abilities in a continuous way.

We apply bilingual teaching programs whose results are reinforced daily with practical activities, including international programs with other schools around the world. Aravaca International is the bilingual school in Madrid with the most complete language program. The academic results obtained by our students are the best proof of the effectiveness of our educational method.

Why is it important to enroll your children in a Bilingual Program?

Language development is one of the skills we acquire from an early age. Until the age of 7, the brain is intensely predisposed to language learning. If during this stage we encourage the student to learn a second language, his or her communicative abilities will develop with the same effectiveness with which the mother tongue is learned.   

Bilingual programs stimulate the learning of two languages during the most appropriate formative stages. The result is seen in the student’s communicative skills. In a short time, he or she will be able to express himself or herself fluently in both Spanish and English, and will have acquired a learning structure suitable for the study of other languages.   

What is the curriculum of our Bilingual Institute?

At Aravaca International we base the educational program of our bilingual institute on five basic pillars.


  1. Competence-based learning 
  2. Encouragement of personal skills and talents
  3. Use of technology in the classroom
  4. Personalized teaching, based on multiple intelligences
  5. A method oriented to language learning


Unlike traditional educational centers, we develop a comprehensive program, with which we ensure that learning is present at all times. We take into account the characteristics and abilities of each student, in order to stimulate their abilities, so we can offer each of our students the education that they need for their future. 

The study of a language does not end at the end of the educational stage, it is a process of permanent improvement, which also allows us to interact and learn about other cultures. Our teaching programs are adapted to each of the stages of education, from early childhood to pre-university courses of high school. Throughout this process, we insist on the importance of learning a language, as well as its implementation in all kinds of circumstances. 

All our educational programs include bilingual methods oriented to the learning of English and Spanish, which are completed with the learning of other languages in later courses, french and german preferred.

Advantages of our Bilingual Institute in Madrid

The advantages of our bilingual institute in Madrid can be seen in the academic results of our students. Among the benefits of our educational methods, we highlight the following.


  • Improved academic performance from the first years of school.
  • Development of the cognitive system from language learning. 
  • Immediate use of communication skills in other languages.
  • Competitive advantage oriented to their future employment.
  • Better understanding of today’s world.  


In general terms, language learning from a bilingual education program will stimulate their intellectual potential, these skills will be applied to any field related to the student’s learning, improving their academic results. 

In terms of their future, the ability to communicate in several languages is a basic advantage. Spanish and English are two of the most spoken languages in the world, the current work environment demands people who are able to communicate in several languages, in the future this ability will be even more important. 

Regarding our particular method, the access to our bilingual institute in Madrid means for the student the opportunity to learn in a language-centered environment, with an education that takes into account the personal abilities of each student.

Aravaca International offers your children the most complete educational experience, with international activities from the first years of school.      

Requirements to study at our Bilingual Institute

The admission process at Internacional Aravaca consists of five phases.

When you contact us, we set up an in-person visit and a video call. Once we receive your application, we conduct an interview in which we carry out an academic evaluation. 

If the place is confirmed, it is temporarily reserved until the enrollment process is completed. Finally, the enrollment documents are sent and the tuition is paid. 

Our commitment is focused on offering each student a tailor-made education in which he or she can develop his or her potential. From the moment the application is submitted, our students receive personalized attention. 

Enroll in our Bilingual Institute

The enrollment period for the next school year is already open, you can make your application from our website, we will contact you so that your children can learn in the best bilingual school in Madrid, a unique educational experience, with all the resources your child needs for their future. 

Ask for our rates

To our basic rates you can add services that include daily transportation to the center, daily menu and nursery service. We are located in Moralzarzal, close to Guadarrama, an incomparable natural environment, if you need daily transportation, just ask us.     

Contact us

If you need more information about our educational offer, or would like to pre-register for the next school year, please contact Internacional Aravaca.