Artistic expression

“In the game we transform the outside world according to our wishes, while when learning we transform ourselves for a better understanding of the structure of the outside world” Bruner.

From this idea, artistic expression can be suggested as a playful action or a symbolization process and a celebration where active communication is restored as an inseparable link between aesthetics and education.
Action games generate participation, inclusion, communication and reflection from a shared experience through educational adaptations of contemporary art proposals such as performance, installation, social sculpture, body and action art, community art or relational art etc.
From land art and the inspiration of Richard Long’s work, who has aimed to move artwork to natural areas. Our children are the artists and play the leading role of this action.
We draw a circle of salt in the school playground to be handled by children. A path, a circle that touches our hearts and moves us to play together and share an activity with natural and found materials. The combination of our four year olds and their interests. The objectives are so ample they go beyond reading and writing giving value to the aesthetic pleasure of sharing experiences and joy, giving life to a creative and critical thinking and encouraging dialogue and community concern.