SILENOLE coexistence program kicks off in Secondary and Baccalaureate

At Internacional Aravaca we are committed to the fight against school violence, and over the next 3 years we will implement the program for the improvement of coexistence SILENOLE.

The teachers have received the first training session, and the team for coexistence has been formed, which will support them in the tasks of prevention and treatment of conflicts. This team is formed by Aroa G. in the Early Years stage, Moisés B. and Tascha S. in Primary, Ana C. and Gael C. in Secondary-Baccalaureate. Miguel A. and Patricia N. as team coordinators.

In class we have already carried out the first activities to promote knowledge and integration among students, and soon we will pass the school climate tests to learn more about how students are in class, how are their relationships with each other, how is their emotional well-being and how we can work to improve it.

Ana C.