A very real pre-university life: new classrooms for baccalaureate

Every year at Internacional Aravaca we “sit down” to think about what we can do to improve and to make the school, year after year, better than the previous one.

As you know, last year, we created the multidisciplinary classrooms for 1st and 2nd Primary. These classrooms are now open, which allows us to have a wide range of possibilities in these classes. In addition to having a greater coexistence with the pupils of the other “letter”.

This year, in order to be in continuous improvement and following one of our claims “Getting better is what drives us“, we have given the green light to a project for the next course and that has as protagonists our dear students of Baccalaureate.

At IA, we call the Baccalaureate stage EVEREST. It is a key moment for the future of our students and we are aware that this path takes the form of a mountain, a path that is often difficult but always leads them to the top. This mountain and this path deserves a specific space in the school, a more adult space that promotes greater student concentration.


For this reason, we are going to create specific modules for baccalaureate right in front of the sports centre, which will consist of three classrooms. A place that will give them their space and that will bring them even closer to their university life. In addition, as you can see in the photos, the classrooms will be able to be joined together, allowing them to be much more transversal between them. 

We are delighted with this new goal and project, and do you like it?