Winter play

The Music and Spanish teachers have worked together to create a play called “El Invierno de Vivaldi”. The Spanish teacher was the one who guided the play contents and dialogues, and the music teacher was in charged of Vivaldi.

All 4 years have been rehearsing for a few weeks to act out the play:

Winter appears, but… do you know how?
A genius is the one who makes all the seasons appear, and each season he gets ready with the help of the fairies, pixies, rain, etc… and prepares everything so it is perfect for the new season to begin: WINTER!

All the kids have been working very hard and we also made our own dresses: the fairies and pixies hats, the animal masks, the genius’ bed, and all the scenery for the play: a winter landscape with snowy clouds and mountains, the house of the genius, a big tree, etc.

We have also been working on Vivaldi´s music. The difference between forte and piano, fast and slow, and how a different type of music makes such a difference to the story.

We had a great time working together and being actors for a day!