P Office 4B

Visit to the Post Office

Many people feel that there is value to a museum field trip, but they struggle to articulate exactly what it is. It’s good for kids to get out of the classroom a couple of times a year. It’s good for them to see knowledge at work in the real world. It’s good for them to experience different subjects that are frequently absent from the classroom.
Another great benefit of a museum field trip is simply letting students discover that free-choice learning environments like museums exist in their communities (places they can use for the rest of their lives to learn, to play, and to reflect; places they can make their own).
We were inspired by the traditional setting of a post office. They were taken around to see how letters are collected, segregated, stamped and then stored in pigeon holes for the postmen to collect. It was altogether a great learning experience especially in these times of email. We had a chance to see different stamps (even the Black Penny), envelopes and postcards too. We were explained the way parcels are delivered to different places in the city, all over the country, and abroad. Children posted envelopes afterwards.

Ms Paz

P Office 4B

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