We spent four amazing days at Valle de Los abedules. As soon as we arrived at the camp we got divided into four groups and that’s where our adventure began!! We did Archery, rock-climbing zip lines and we even had time to paint outside. What we enjoyed the most was falconry. Our monitors explained to us the types of birds there were and it was really interesting.

Everybody had to make a nest by finding twigs, sticks and whatever we could find around us. We also had a gymkhana and at the end of the activity we thought that we were real explorers! At night time we participated in several games and we also had a contest.

It was real funny and we had a fabulous time!

Finally, the last day we went to an animal farm and saw lots of animals.. We were allowed to touch the animals and we absolutely fell in love with all of them!! The hardest part of the whole camp was coming back to reality…

But, this is life!!