Tennis trip

On Tuesday 11th June 5ºEPO participated in a tennis clinic which was arranged by the Madrid Tennis Federation. The objective is to bring tennis to everyone and one of the ways in which they are trying to do this is to raise money to assist children in poor areas and also in undeveloped countries. The Federation also told the students about their project to help children and adults in wheelchairs to play tennis and the students had an opportunity in the session to experience using a wheelchair. The visit began with a video show and a talk explaining the values and concepts that the Federation are trying to promote, and through tennis helping children learn important values in life such as promoting a good sporting spirit. We also try to incorporate these values at International Aravaca.
After the short talk the students were given the opportunity to be coached by one of Spain’s top tennis coaches. The students all had a good time and were given a hat and a badge by the tennis federation. It was a very enjoyable excursion where the students not only learnt some tennis skills but also how sport can be used to help the less fortunate in our society.

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