House Competition 18-19

  Hoy se ha celebrado el acontecimiento más importante de principio de curso en Internacional Aravaca, la ceremonia de inicio de la House Competition. Los alumnos que suben de Infantil a Primaria y los nuevos de otros cursos, ya tienen asignada la nueva casa con la que van a competir hasta que terminen la etapa. […]

House Competition 2017-2018

Finally HOUSE COMETITION is here. The four houses (fire, air, earth and water) will compete to become the winner this year. The new students and those who promoted from infants have already joined their houses. During the term the students will get points behaving properly and doing their best. Around Halloween we will know the […]

House Competition Project

On the first days of September we had at Internacional Aravaca the presentation of the House Competition Project. Four houses are competing for a dream! WATER, FIRE, AIR and LAND. Every student belongs to a house, which has got two captains who are in charge of their house. The goal is to get as many […]