After-school Activities

Once the academic schedule is finished for the day, it is the time for the after-school specialized programs. They are designed for students who belong to the school community, as well as for those who do not. [zt_button colour=»blue» link=»images/Extraescolares/Estraescolares_2018-2019.pdf» target=»_blank»]MORE INFORMATION[/zt_button] [zt_button colour=»blue» link=»images/Extraescolares/Ficha_Inscripcion_Extraescolares_18-19.pdf» target=»_blank»]APPLICATION FORM[/zt_button] [zt_accordions type=»accordion»][zt_accordion title=»SPORTS» active=»no»] [zt_gallery dir=»galeria/actividades» width=»600″ height=»550″ […]

Football Team «Inter Aravaca»

Our great football team «Inter Aravaca» has already begun the new season. With more enthusiasm than ever, students who form the International college teams will compete to show the rest what we are made of, and we will finish as high as possible up the table. The categories containing the football club of the College […]