As you know, the end of the course is coming and with it the end of our swimming classes. If we could go back in time we could see how the first days went at the swimming pool and also see how much we have improved.

For some of the kids it was really exciting just because we were going to the fitness centre on the bus, but on the other hand it was a little more difficult for others. Some of them needed more than one term to get used to going there without crying… Now, we are all happy to go, we have learnt a lot and we have nearly finished our course.

We started swimming by using different types of float. Now we have also learnt how to dive a little bit and we have had lots of fun with the inflatable slides and kickboards.

Not only have we learnt about swimming but we have also improved as far as getting dressed by ourselves goes. Many of us want to get dressed on our own, others ask for some help, and to be honest, there are some who still want the teachers to help them get dressed.

This week we have prepared different activities such as games in the swimming centre; a sort of gymkhana and we have also invited all of you to come and see us presented with our “Diploma”, we hope you can come.

We are all very proud!!!