Sensory play

On the last weeks of December the kids had the chance of doing an entire morning of Sensory Play. As many of you know kids need to use their senses and be engaged in meaningful experiences. Sensory play is part of a scientific process, it helps to develop a question, leading them to investigate (by grabbing, touching, smelling, licking, and so on) they use their senses to collect information that helps to answer their question.

We can say it is a different or unique way to learn new things, it is also a very fun way to play. Kids like to get dirty, they also love to spend long time playing with something unusual and different, and therefore we prepare two different spaces, one of them consisted in two garbage bins with led lights inside, covered with cellophane paper and in a small box we put papers cut into shapes, corks and polo sticks.
The second space consisted on two methacrylate tables also with led lights under and small piles of flour, in a small box we put paint seals and corks.
We separated the class in two groups, and each group had the chance to play in each space for about one hour.

The kids had a lot of fun and kept asking for more time to play, but unfortunately we had to wrap it up and do other things.