Parque Aventura Amazónica

Year 3 students had the opportunity to visit an adventure park in the middle of the mountains, close to Cercedilla. The surroundings are amazing and the kids got to spend the day amongst beautiful pine trees, ferns and even a small stream.

During their visit our little ones climbed up ladders and moved from tree to tree going through a number of obstacles. Sometimes they had to walk across logs, others climb through nets and they even got to go down zip lines. All of this physical activity made for an amazing day.

For the teachers it was a wonderful experience as well as we got the chance to see the children helping one another, motivating and cheering each other on as they tried to make it through the courses. Some kids were scared of the heights, and others to balance and jump from tree to tree. But with the encouragement from their peers all the students ended up enjoying the adrenaline rush.