On the 19th and 20th of March we had our second Olympic games at Internacional Aravaca and Bernadette. We competed against Bernadette Cross Country the first hour from 9.00 am till 11.30. We had excellent results were as follows:

1EPO Boys:
Solé 1A: 1st position
Revuelta  1A:  2nd Position
Cifuenties 1C: 3rd Position

1EPO Girls:
Oltra 1A: 1st position
Hidalgo 1A: 2nd Position
Perez Stroh 1A: 3rd Position

2EPO Boys:
Salamanca 2A: 1st Position
Rodriguez Áreas  2A: 2nd Pos.
Mori 2A: 3rd  Position.

2EPO Girls:
López Yuste 2B: 1st Position.
Perán 2B: 2nd Position
Serrano 2B: 3rd Position.

3EPO Boys:
Muñoz 3B: 5th Position
De Vicente 3A: 8th Position
Aller: 10th Poisition

3EPO Girls:
Martín Castella: 7th Position
González Antonio: 10th Pos.
Obón Fernandez: 11th Pos.

4EPO Boys:
Urchegu  4A: 1st Position
Abril  4A: 7th Position
Bueno 4B: 8th Position

4EPO Girls:
Aguilar 4A: 3th Position
Vazquez 4A: 4th Position
Ferrer 4A: 5th Position

5EPO Boys:
Ferrer:  5th Position
Horvath:  7th Position
De Martín:  9th Position

5EPO Girls:
Sanchez: 1st Position
Puyol: 5th Position
Puertas: 8th Position

6EPO Boys:
Berlanga: 1st Position
Bustos: 4th Position
Catroppa: 5th Position

6EPO Girls:
Sanz: 2nd Position
García Castañondo: 8th Pos.
López Soriano: 10th Position

After break we then had a special presentation of roller hockey, where the students learnt a lot about how to play roller hockey from players in the Spanish team. Later they then played normal hockey match. Before lunch the students then all participated in an aerobic work-out session which was great fun for everyone. After lunch it was our turn to go to Bernadette to compete playing football and basketball. Due to the bad weather we all had to play indoors however it was full of excitement and emotion. The students did their very best for the school. On Wednesday we invited the Bernadette to compete at our school where we played dodge ball and hockey. The weather was fantastic and their was a great atmosphere the students from both schools showed great sportsmanship in the games. We finished the competition with a snack all together.