Jardín Botánico

To celebrate this year’s Science week our third year scientists visited the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid. Students had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with guides talking about different ways humans can use plants and their different parts; roots, stem, leaves and flowers. We saw how some plants can be used for medicinal purposes, others for material purposes such as ropes and clothing and some for just decoration. One of the activities consisted in children having to search for certain plants according to their medicinal use; relaxing, headache, soar throat, belly ache and disinfectant. The second activity had students looking at different daily products like Coca Cola and trying to guess which plants are used to make them.

At the end of the visit the kids were taken around the gardens and then had their picnic just before leaving. It was a fun little outing where we learned a lot about the parts of plants and their many uses. Enjoy the pictures!

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