Jack and the Beanstalk

«When we arrived at school today we were specially excited: we were going to experience our first visit to the theatre. On the bus we were all very good and quiet waiting for the moment of the arrival. While we were waiting at the theater for the play to start we behaved like real grown-ups and our teachers were very proud of us. When the play started and the lights went off we were a bit concerned as we didn´t know what was about to happen but the lights came back and Jack the magician appeared and the show began. We were so amazed at what we were watching that we couldn´t even talk!!
We learnt many things from our first theatre experience. The first and most important one was that we really knew how to behave and that we are growing up and getting better every day. The second thing we learnt was the message of «Jack and the beanstalk»: we have to take care of the things we really love in our lives and we have to always wish the best for the people who have less around us. Finally we learnt that it was very important to care of each other and that we were all very good friends!!
Our first visit to the theatre was definitely amazing and fulfilling and we hope to be able to go back very soon because we really had so much fun!!!»