International Book Day

One more year, on April 23rd, Internacional Aravaca School, has organized activities around the book day. 

For this moment we’re living, the English Department wanted to bring the excitement to the little ones through a storytelling told by the fifth and sixth grade students.

Additionally, we continue as every year with the rhyme contest, where each student participates from home in different categories. 

1st EPO students will participate with a description, 2nd EPO students with a haiku, 3rd EPO students with a narration and 4th, 5th and 6th EPO students with a poem.

This year’s theme refers to the situation we are currently experiencing, so our students can write about the virus, confinement, their emotions, scientists, doctors, etc.

Once we have all the papers, the teaching staff will decide on a winner for each category, who will receive a surprise award at home.

Good luck to you all and happy book day!

Carolina Gala
Head of Languages Department / Pre-School&Primary