Getting Ready for Halloween


Who said teenagers cannot learn from I3 kids and vice versa?

This time, the groups of I3 have invited 2ESO students to prepare together a special activity. As this week we celebrate Halloween, we thought it could be a nice idea to spend a different afternoon together.

Our main objective has been to give the opportunity to all these students to learn from each other. On the one hand, our big students had to prepare four different activities keeping in mind that our kids are just three years old, helping them as much as possible. On the other hand, our little kids had to behave very good paying attention on all they asked them.

But what is more, all of them enjoyed together with four different activities: face painting, dancing to Halloween songs, making spiders and creating their own skeletons.
This activity forms part of our Solidary Project where we give the opportunity to our students to participate in a voluntary activity. In this case we are sure they would like to repeat!!

Thanks a lot for your interest!!


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